Property Inspections

There are many reasons why you could need an electrical test or inspection on your property or electrical items. It could be for insurance purposes, landlord's inspection, change of use, ownership or even just for your own peace of mind.

Did You Know?

All electrical systems deteriorate with age and/or use so it is important that they are maintained regularly to ensure that the safety of people around the system are not at risk.

What Does a Property Inspection Involve?

An inspection will reveal potential hazards within the tested installation, check for earth and bonding (or the lack of it), as well as identify any defective work whilst checking all the fixed wiring. This includes testing RCDs to make sure they trip under fault conditions and checking fuse and circuit breaker ratings. Our report also lists non-compliant wiring or fittings.

Why is a Property Inspection Important?

When buying a property for yourself or an investment property it is important to know the condition of the electrical installation of your prospective purchase as unknown or unforeseen problems can soon consume a substantial portion of your budget.

Where do I get a Property Inspection Done?

With an in depth knowledge of the regulations and standards appropriate to the age of the property IEIO will visit the property, carry out the inspection and discuss the findings.

How do I book a Property Inspection?

Contact us to make an appointment

You will need to provide your name, address, phone, email address (for the report to be sent to you) and the address of the property to be inspected.

Often it is also necessary to provide the Real Estate agent’s contact details so access can be arranged for the inspection.