Power Disconnected for 6 months or more?

Where power is not used over long periods of time, people often have their electricity supply disconnected. It is important to note that if the power has been disconnected for longer than six months, your installation must (by law) be inspected before reconnection can occur. This applies to all installations including temporary supplies for builders, pumps, cowsheds, houses and cribs, regardless of age.

Not Sure How Long your Power has been Disconnected?

Call your power provider with the address. They will be able to tell you exactly how long the electricity has been turned off and advise whether an inspection is required.

How do I book a Reconnection?

Arrange a Certificate of Verification with IEIO

Call your power provider to agree to future power accounts, and request the reconnection. Advise your power provider that the COV has been arranged and a copy left on site.